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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 19.01.2009
Kategória: 03/2009

Place. This word comes into English through French from Latin, where the original meaning was a "broad, flat area". This is also reflected in the German "Platz", which is usually translated in English as (town) square (Slovak "námestie"), but there are many smaller "námestia" in British and American cities which are called ".... Place", often enclosed by rows of residential buildings. But in modern English there are many other, more common meanings of "place".

A job position can informally be called "place", so Mr.Rogers' place is being taken by Mr.Baksay. It can mean someone's house or flat, so "Let's meet at our place" means "u nás doma", and "Come round to our place" means "k nám domov". A parking place (or space) is enough for one car between two lines in the parking lot (Br.E car-park). "Take place" doesn't mean "sit down", but "happen" ("uskutočniť sa") like a public event. "Replace" doesn't mean "change location", but "put in something/someone new" ("nahradiť") like a car part, or a new manager.



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