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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 20.10.2008
Kategória: 42/2008

According to the classification of languages based on the principle of whether their words are formed by combination or separation, Slovak is a more "synthetical" language whereas English is a more "analytical" one, at least in the more informal words that come from German. The longer, formal English words that come from Latin through French are more "synthetical", so similar to Slovak words in the sense that they have a root or stem (remember last week?) in the middle which gives the basic idea, with different beginnings and endings which adust the meaning to the desired nuance.

Consider the word "nahliadnuť" - the stem is "hľad-", giving the basic idea of "look", then the ending "-nuť" adjusts the meaning to "limited look" and the beginning "na-" sharpens it to "just enough" or "at the proper level". In informal English these ideas and adjustments are expressed in separate words: "to take a look at" - "a" means "one" (i.e. limited), and "take" suggests "just enough".



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