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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 29.06.2009
Kategória: 26/2009

Internship. First of all, this -ship has nothing to do with boats or the sea. It comes from the German word ending -schaft, and it is something like the Slovak ending -stvo. Friendship (or championship) in English is Freundschaft (Meisterschaft) in German and priateľstvo (majstrovstvo) in Slovak. Next, "intern" is one of those two-syllable English words whose stress pattern changes according to whether it is a noun (an INtern is a person who is "kept inside" an organization or institution) or a verb (to inTERN someone means to "keep them inside").

Another example is a REcord (záznam), but to reCORD (zaznamenať). Then there is an important difference between "internship" - a planned program of work, training and development within a company or organization (also for junior doctors in a hospital), and "internment" - putting people in prison without trial when they are suspected of anti-state activities.



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