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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 29.07.2013
Kategória: 15/2013

Deal with. This expression is slightly tricky in terms of its form - "to deal" is a strong (irregular) verb (deal /díl/- dealt /delt/- have dealt; compare mean - meant - meant, feel - felt - felt, or sleep - slept - slept), but it's more tricky in terms of what it really means. Very often you can't be sure if it means "riešiť" or "vyriešiť", so you have to decide from the context, using a bit of deduction.

The social partners want to deal with the problems in European steelmaking. From the form "to deal" (rather than "dealing") and deducing from what I suspect the social partners want (i.e. an end to the problems), I would tend towards translating this as "vyriešiť problémy". But if you know someone is a procrastinator (look it up!) and you hear them say: "We need to deal with this fairly soon", then I think the translation should be: "Potrebujeme to riešiť", i.e. not to really solve the problem, but just talk about it and hope it goes away.



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