Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Cabbage. Comparing the Slovak and English languages, the usual result is that whereas particular Slovak words have a range of meanings in different contexts, English tends to have different words with specific meanings for each context. For example, "oceniť" could mean to put a value on something (a pair of antique shotguns, say), to respect or esteem a person, or to appreciate their work or efforts, or to give somebody an award or a prize.

But with cabbage, the boot is on the other foot - there are several specific words in Slovak for different kinds of cabbage: "kel" is green cabbage, and if it is "kučeravý" it is curly or savoy cabbage, but if it is "ružičkový" it is Brussels sprouts; "kapusta" is white cabbage, but if it is "červená" it is red cabbage. In any case it is all cabbage in English, so once again the "one word - one meaning" people are going to have trouble with understanding.

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