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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 03.08.2009
Kategória: 31/2009

Stretch /streč/ - roztiahnúť, rozťahovať (sa). First, pronunciation: English "ch" sounds like Slovak /č/ at the beginning of proper English words (chief, charge, children), and at the end after long vowels (each /íč/, church /čőč/), whereas short vowels need a consonant inbetween (lunch, watch, stretch). "Ch" sounds like /š/ at the beginning of French words (chagrin, chauffeur) and like /k/ in Greek words (chaos /kejos/, cholera), and like Slovak /ch/ only in Scottish (loch, meaning lake) and Welsh (bach, meaning dear, love).

Second, meaning: when people get out of bed they often stretch (themselves) to wake up properly, so there's the type of exercise called stretching. Elastic fibres in cotton material give us stretch denim, used in stretch jeans. A stretch of road is a more or less straight section where you can put your foot on the gas, but be careful you don't end up "doing a stretch" - spending a period of time in prison.



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