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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 24.10.2005
Kategória: 43/2005

Some remarks about times. The 24-hour clock is used in special contexts in English, especially by military forces (the "zulu" time used in the J.A.G. TV series is in fact Greenwich Mean Time, which Britain will be returning to this coming weekend) and railway train operators. For ordinary people it is too official, and they use the 12-hour clock instead., with the abbreviations a.m. (from Latin ante meridiem - "before midday") and p.m. (post meridiem - "after midday") to specify morning time and afternoon or evening times respectively.

Twelve o'clock (meaning "on the clock", because English speakers tell the time based on what they see on the clock dial, so they say "half past", not reading the time from a candle, which is why Central Europeans say "half to", as the previous hour mark has burned away and only the next hour mark is still visible) is neither a.m. or p.m., but you say "twelve midday (noon)" or "twelve midnight". Also note that English "morning" means "dopoludnie", and "ráno" must be "early morning".



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