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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 26.09.2005
Autor: Kamila DEMKOVÁ
Kategória: 39/2005

I think we'll have a selection of tricky words in Slovak this week, in the sense that they are tricky to translate into English with acceptable meanings. The first is "exekutíva", which I've translated as "executive powers", but I could have put "local authorities" as well, because I think it means ",mestské a krajské úrady" - or maybe it should be "VÚC/KSK", I'm not quite sure - there are so many of these institutions these days.

The next words are my old favorites "jubilanti" and "jubilejný", because I still insist that the English word "jubilee" should be reserved for 50th (maybe also 25th) anniversaries. I think that the expressions "long-serving employees" and "a round number of years" convey the same ideas. The last one is "osveta", because "enlightenment" is too closely connected with 18th century philosophy or with the Buddhist ideal of higher-level understanding. I've used "cultural education" as a modern compromise.



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