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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 18.08.2008
Kategória: 33/2008

Proceed - the original idea is "to go on" or "go forward". A policeman who stops somebody to check them can say very officiously: "Proceed!" We think that forward is a positive direction, so going forward means making progress, heading for success, which is the modern sense of the word. So long as the euro conversion project is proceeding, we sense that it's heading for a successful conclusion.

There's a noun too, the proceeds, meaning the outcome of some activity, now understood as the amount of money produced by an event or project, possibly profit from commercial activity, but more likely money intended for charity, like "the proceeds from the Christmas concert" (výťažok). The idea of positive movement is also contained in the name Kia Pro-Cee'd, but the "cee" might indicate the car's C-segment classification, it's "concept car" origin, or Communauté Européenne, because it's designed for and built in Europe, as we well know.



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