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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 03.10.2005
Kategória: 40/2005

What is a bit tricky in this week's long piece on the Marathon is to find a suitable number of different ways of presenting the results, because there are so many different events - the full and the half marathons for men and women runners, wheelchair racers and in-line skaters, as well as the mini-marathon especially for families, where the results are possibly less important than the enjoyment of taking part.

Alternatives to "win" are "take first place", "first place goes to", "the best performance was put in by", "be first over the line", "finish in top spot" (informal), "claim the victory" (formal), "snatch the laurels" (vavríny) or "romp home in triumph" (less serious). Instead of "beat" (poraziť - quite strong), you can say "cross the line ahead of someone" or "leave someone behind to take Xth spot". Our congratulations go to the winners in every category!



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