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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 12.03.2007
Kategória: 10/2007

Who, which and what. An ambitious aim for this modest column, to deal with these three pronouns. Basically, "who" refers to people, "which" and "what" to things. In questions, "which" indicates a limited choice (Which color of the rainbow is at the top?), and "what" is good for an unrestricted range (What is your favorite color?).

As relative pronouns, "which" means "ktorý/á/é" for things (That's the pullover which I've been looking for.), and "who" means "ktorý/á/é/ého" for people (What's the name of the actor who played Dirty Harry? She would not tell us who she had been out with.). "What" means "to, čo" as in: Don't listen to what any politicians say - wait and see what they do. "Čo?" is "What?" in direct questions (What have you done?), but it is "which" as a relative pronoun (This is the chewing-gum which I like best. It has a fantastic taste which lasts and lasts.).



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