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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 31.07.2006
Kategória: 30/2006

This week's extracts are good sources of expressions called collocations, which are word combinations that are generally accepted by native speakers as "typical" or "common usage". There are reasons for these stable word associations which are rather hidden in their historical meanings, but they probably won't help learners of English to understand them, so the most practical solution is to learn them by heart and practise using them until they are internalized and automatic.

The following collocations are good for use in more formal English style, and I've arranged them in this scale of meaning: neprekročiť > trafiť > udržiavať > splniť > prekročiť: keep within the limits, or the regulations; meet the limits, or the targets, or the requirements; maintain the limits, or the regulations; fulfill the plan, or the requirements; exceed the plan, or the targets. Clear as mud, or what??



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