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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 13.03.2006
Kategória: 10/2006

There is a difference in the Slovak and English expressions explaining the system of winning play-off rounds in ice-hockey (or snooker - British-style "biliard") tournaments. "The first team to win four games" looks to me like a better translation of the Slovak expression, because if I translate the latter literally (word-for-word), the quarter-finals "will be played for four winning matches", which I think is not clear in meaning.

The original English explanation is different, because it is based on the maximum number of matches or games that might need to be played to decide which team (or player) is the winner. If it is necessary for that team to win four matches, then it is typical to say that they will be playing for "the best of seven matches", because that is the maximum number they might have to play, if they take turns at winning. International snooker tournament rounds are decided by "the best of seventeen games" - so what is the minimum number of games that might be played to decide who is the winner?



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