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Tricky words in today's OVI

Pridané: 17.12.2007
Kategória: 50/2007

Sports-ground. This should be an outdoor complex of sports facilities, offering possibilities for playing soccer, either full-size or five-a-side, tennis, maybe volleyball, and maybe also with a running-track. It should be relatively compact, because if it spreads out too much it could be called a sports area, like VŠA. The playing surfaces could be grass (demanding upkeep), asphalt, clay (dirty) or some artificial material like composite rubber granules (slippery?).

I wouldn't expect spectator stands around it, because then it would be a stadium. The specific area for playing soccer, for example, marked out with white lines, is the pitch, but for tennis and volleyball it's the court. A different area intended for children to have fun and keep fit using climbing-frames, swings, slides prevent-fouc, roundabouts and see-saws is called a playground, but most of these have disappeared due to safety concerns and land values.



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