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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 04.12.2006
Kategória: 48/2006

Hut - a relatively small, simple, usually wooden, house-like construction - and a typical example of the way that even ordinary words in different languages don't correspond exactly one-to-one. Normally I wouldn't use "hut" to translate "stánok"; I would say "stall" /stól/ if it's in a market, or "stand" if it's in a trade fair or exhibition, or "kiosk" if it's for selling newspapers, cigarettes, and so on.

But the things that stand along the Main Street during Košice Christmas time really look like huts. There are also huts in the forest (a woodman's hut), in the hills (a shepherd's hut) and in the mountains (a climber's hut, like Téryho chata - which makes me wonder about some original connection between these words). Something similar to a hut is a shed, originally a roof providing shade or shelter, but nowadays more associated with storing tools and implements, and for working in rather than living (tool-shed, wood-shed, potting-shed, for working with plants and flowers).



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