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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 12.02.2007
Kategória: 06/2007

University administrative ranks (hodnosti) and units (útvary) have their own names or titles in each country, and similar-looking names can differ significantly in meaning. The absolute top position in a British university is the Chancellor, but this is a representative rather than academic position, and the top executive post is held by the Vice-chancellor.

American universities have Presidents. I don't want to use either of those titles for the Technical University in Košice, though, because it is a Slovakian institution, so I keep the Slovak name Rektor. Faculty in British English means the same as the similar word in Slovak. Sometimes it is the same in American English too (so I use it in the same sense here too: Faculty is Fakulta), but there it also more often means all the teaching and research staff (zbor) of the university, and they say School or Institute forn Fakulta instead. But these units everywhere are led by a Dean (dekan).



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