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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 04.07.2005
Kategória: 27/2005

Employment, work, job. Another group of words which show once again that English and Slovak words do not correspond exactly one-to-one with each other, but their areas of meaning overlap and duplicate each other. How to separate them, though? The word employment is longer than the others, so you can imagine that it is more official. It is an uncountable word, like work, whereas job is countable (so it's OK to say "jobs").

So an unemployed person wearing a tie can go to a company and say: I'm looking for employment. Without the tie they say: I'm looking for work, or: I'd like a job, please. Un/Employment is a status, a situation someone can be in for some time. Work is a process which could just go on and on, whereas a job has a beginning and an end in sight, an objective or a specified result. The Mojsejs didn't offer the twelve people employment at all. Sometimes they gave them work - shopping, washing, lawn-mowing - but most often they required them to do silly jobs like keep a wood fire burning all night, or cook them a three-course Sunday dinner, or make a new kennel for Kusaj. What a soft dog!



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