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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 25.04.2005
Kategória: 17/2005

Strip, kit and gear. These are informal words for the special clothes and equipment worn and used by players of various sports. Strip is especially for the clothes, gear for the equipment, and kit can refer to both. Strip includes the idea of the designs and colors which identify the team, the player and the sponsors especially on ice-hockey and football (soccer) shirts, shorts and socks. Kit includes the ice-skates, hockey-stick, gloves, protectors and helmet, or the soccer boots and shin-pads (and gloves for the goalkeeper).

Gear focuses on the more technical items of sports equipment, including tape for the hockey-stick, or replacement screw studs for soccer boots. The most important thing for Slovak people to remember when talking about sports clothes in English is how to translate "dres". The worst thing is to suggest that enormous hulking hockey players wear women's long, evening ball gowns, and the best thing is to use the word "shirt".



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