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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 26.03.2007
Kategória: 12/2007

Governing bodies in corporations and associations - some similarities in vocabulary. The key words in English are "executive"­ and "non-executive". The executive parts (say "bodies" in English rather than "organs", which has too many medical connotations, and makes some rather childish people snigger, because it suggests sexual organs to them) are those individuals or groups who act on behalf of the company.

For this reason I still recommend talking about "konatelia" as Executive Officers and "Predstavenstvo" as Executive Board (the members sit around a table, which is in effect a large board). The non-executive parts are the people who guide and check the company's progress. They oversee (supervise) company activities, so together they are called the Supervisory Board. Above these two Boards is the General Meeting, made up of shareholders' representatives in a corporation, or members' representatives in an association. General Assembly is the term for the big meeting of all representatives of member countries in the United Nations Organization.



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