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Tricky Words in today's OVI

Pridané: 26.05.2008
Kategória: 21/2008

Cause. Most dictionaries will give the first meaning of this word as the origin or stimulus (príčina) for something that happens, and the link between cause and effect is very strong in people's minds. This is the root of the conjunction "because", which developed from the phrase "by cause (of)", followed by the action or event which is seen as the cause. But another meaning of this word is found in the expression "for a good cause", which in Slovak is "pre dobrú vec", like the goal or purpose of doing something good, but it could also be understood like "dôvod", like the reason for doing so, for helping people, or giving money to charity.

The tricky aspect of "cause" is that it resembles "kauza", but that means somethng quite different, best translated in English as "affair" or "scandal", or possibly just "case", if it's something less outrageous. So there's a double meaning in the name of the James Dean film "Rebel Without a Cause" - it could mean without a reason, or without a goal (don't fixate on the Slovak title!).



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