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Tricky Words in today's OVI

Pridané: 23.07.2007
Kategória: 29/2007

Author - another example of a word that looks similar in English and Slovak, but you have to be wary about using it with the same meaning in both languages. The meanings in Slovak are generally closer to the original Latin idea of creator, originator or inventor of many different things, including ideas, proposals, projects and plans, but without necessarily producing them in writing. That is what the modern English sense of "author" has become restricted to: practically a synonym with "writer", which is the reason why I have used the word "originators" instead of "authors" for costs-saving proposals, because I don't want to emphasize the idea that they had to be set out in writing, or that they were created like fictional stories.

On the other hand, the other senses of the word have not disappeared from English usage, and a lot of people would probably not hesitate to say "the author of the idea". The trouble is how to identify the people who think (like me) that "author" only really means "writer" nowadays.



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