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Tricky Words in today's OVI

Pridané: 17.09.2007
Kategória: 37/2007

Continuous, continual and continues. I know I've done this before, but it was a couple of years ago, and not everybody has all the back issues of this column - and the official opening of the new galvanizing line is getting closer, which is a continuous galvanizing process, because the strip passes through the zinc pot without stopping. Other continuous activities are running, cycling or swimming. Improvement must also be continuous, and conti-cast slab production likewise.

The verb "to continue" gives us forms like "the continuing approach", or "the school continues to prepare future steelmakers" ("naďalej pripravuje"). Activities which are continual are made up of regular, often repeated actions, one after another, and probably irritating, like children's kicking, or a dripping tap, or somebody making objections ("I'm fed up with your continual complaints."). Continuous (nepretržité) is pronounced /knTINjues/, while continues (pokračuje) is pronounced /knTINjúúz/.



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