Anglické jazykové okienko

Anglické jazykové okienko

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Using the apostrophe (say /a-POSS-čre-fi/). Generation Z (the Millennials, young people born just before or since the year 2000) have never learned and don’t care about how to use the apostrophe (’) correctly in English. They know it exists, so just to be on the safe side they use it everywhere, especially where it’s not required. An apostrophe basically indicates a missing letter (or a couple of letters). Imagine Andy’s as if it used to be “Andy-his” (and Eva’s maybe as “Eva-hers”, although that’s not sure, because historically women didn’t have any property). A miner typically uses a miner’s (jedn. č.) lamp, but there’s a special room at the mine for all the miners’ (množ. č.) lamps. Men, women and children always take ’s (men’s room) because they’re already plural. And talking about plurals: just DON’T use an apostrophe!!

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