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Pridané: 05.11.2012
Kategória: 22/2012

Andy's Wordshop

OSH stands for Occupational Safety and Health, so it's the English equivalent of BOZP, which specifies Protection of Health. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work uses the abbreviation EU-OSHA, which looks like it should stand for the European Occupational Safety and Health Agency. Maybe they decided that "at Work" was more understandable than "Occupational". OSHA-recordable injuries are indicated by red days among all the green ones in the cross-shaped arrangement of the days of the month on USSK computer desktops.

Tricky Words in this week's OVI:

Abbreviations. "Brevis" is the Latin word for "short" (the English word "brief" - short in time or extent - is derived from this, as well as "briefs", meaning "slipy"), and an abbreviation /ebríívijejšn/ is a sequence of letters that stand for (represent) several words. In ordinary English it's a "short form", not a "short cut" (the other meaning of "skratka"), which means a short way, path or route to get somewhere. An abbreviation which forms a pronounceable "word" (like OSHA or NATO) is called an acronym.



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