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Pridané: 04.06.2012
Kategória: 11/2012

Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Translating the Slovak word "zariadenie" is a tricky business (záležitosť). If you choose "equipment", you have to remember it's an uncountable word, so you can't have *an equipment*, and *equipment no. 1* sounds strange for the same reason. The same goes for "apparatus", and anyway I associate that with a science laboratory. There's "device", which is countable, but I don't think it's big enough for continuous casting of slabs (cameras and microphones are surveillance devices, for example).
There's "plant" in the sense of "machinery", but that's not as common as the meaning "závod", so it could cause confusion for readers. The best choice here seems to be "line", like a production line. Other meanings of "zariadenie" could be "ubytovacie zariadenie" (housing facilities), "zdravotnícke zariadenie" (a health-care facility, i.e. a hospital), or "sociálne zariadenie" (conveniences in British English, rest-room in American English).

Andy's Wordshop

This coming weekend is called Turíce in Slovakia and Whitsun in Britain. It coincides with the Jewish festival of Pentecost, which is in fact the Greek word for "fiftieth", because these festivals are celebrated on the 50th day (the 7th Sunday) after Easter (the Passover in Jewish terms).
Turíce is derived from the name Tur, the old Slavic god of fertility, wheres Whitsun means White Sunday, because the first spring babies used to be brought for baptism (christening) in late May, dressed all in white clothes. So once again there's a link to spring, fertility, new growth of plants, new babies, green and white colors, and celebrations. It's interesting how accurate the folk lore (pranostiky) about Pankrác, Servác and Bonifác is, especially this year, and once the early May cold spell is over, everyone can get on with planting out their vegetables without fear of further frosts.



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