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Pridané: 01.07.2013
Kategória: 13/2013

Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Podnikatelia. I always hesitate to translate this as "entrepreneurs", because Slovak "podnikatelia" can be quite ordinary people running their own little company, or even self-employed people working freelance ("na voľnej nohe") like myself, whereas the English idea of "entrepreneurs" is more associated with "veľkopodnikatelia" who have no problem with the risks involved in making large investments and building up great companies, or who actively buy and sell those companies themselves.
That is meant to be a neutral description, but of course depending on their political leanings, people either admire and want to emulate entrepreneurs, or they disapprove of them and would rather they didn't exist (to put it lightly). Either way there are many things, both good and bad, which would not exist in the world without entrepreneurs.

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So how to translate "podnikatelia"? I could used "businesspeople", I suppose, but that is not quite formal enough. I could called them "executives", especially if they include company representatives (remember that executives are company managers generally, not only "konatelia"). Also remember that "business" does not only mean trading, i.e. buying and selling goods, but it extends to commercial activity more generally. I am in the English-teaching business because I keep myself "busy" and I make my living through that activity.



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