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Pridané: 06.05.2013
Kategória: 09/2013

Andy's Wordshop

I was recently asked for advice on the "correct" way to write sums of money in euros. The possibilities are: 999 euros, 999 EUR, EUR 999, 999 a or a 999. I personally tend to write things the way they are spoken (999 euros), which I can do because I usually imagine the texts I write being spoken by somebody, so they're not very formal in style.
This is the main question in so many cases, I think: how formal is the text? In the case of more formal texts like notes to accounts, I would expect abbreviations or symbols to be used, EUR or a rather than the word "euros". Then I would say that EUR is more formal than a, and the tendency in moving away from speech to the written form is to put the EUR or a before the amount, as with GBP and , or USD and $, so EUR 999 or a 999. This is advice by analogy rather than rule, though.



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