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Pridané: 03.11.2014
Kategória: 22/2014

Tricky Words in this week's OVI

The majority of this week's extracts are about celebrations of one kind or another. The participants in the Košice Marathon can celebrate their achievements, the Košice-Šaca school recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding, and this is the time of year for long-serving USSK employees to celebrate several decades of work at the steelworks.
A 50th anniversary is a true jubilee, because that word comes from a Hebrew expression meaning a ram's horn, many of which were blown throughout the land to announce the beginning of a period of restitution and recuperation which came around every fifty years. Nowadays though jubilees are celebrated after 25 years (silver jubilee), 50 years (golden) and 75 years (diamond), although 60th anniversaries are now more often called "diamond".

Andy's Wordshop

Since we're on the topic of anniversary materials, here's a list of the main ones. They usually mean wedding anniversaries, when husbands are looking for gifts for their wives. The first anniversary is called paper in the US and cotton in the UK, and these are swapped on the second anniversary.
The third is leather in both, the fourth is linen in the US, fruit and flowers in the UK, and the fifth is wood in both. The tenth is tin, the 11th is steel, the 15th is crystal, the 20th is china (porcelain), the 25th is silver, the 30th is pearl, the 35th is coral, the 40th is ruby, the 45th is sapphire, the 50th is gold, the 55th is emerald, the 60th is diamond as well as the 70th, the 80th is oak (dub) and the 90th is stone, usually granite (žula) or marble (mramor). Now what might those be used for?



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