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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 05.12.2005
Kategória: 49/2005

When the Republiková Únia Zamestnávateľov was set up in 2004 there was a bit of a challenge to find a suitable English version of the name which would give an appropriate impression in international communication. Making an adjective out of Republic was tricky for a start, because the usual one is Republican, but this suggests one of the principal political parties in the USA, and the RÚZ is not connected with American politics. So it had to stay as a noun - of the Republic.

Then the word Union was not suitable, because it suggests trades unions, which are the representatives of employEES and not employERS. Association was not suitable, because it was already used by the other employers' organization which the RÚZ became an equivalent of, if not a rival. So Federation seemed to be a possibility. The word Employers is unambiguous enough, so the English version became the Employers' Federation of the Republic. This also follows the typical trend of translating Slovak compound names "back to front" in English - cf. DPH and VAT.



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