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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 07.09.2009
Kategória: 36/2009

Comprise. This is one of the words you can use to introduce the members of a group of things or people. Other words are "consist of", "is made up of", "is formed from", "involve" or "include". The last one is slightly different from the others in that it does not introduce a complete list of the relevant group members, but only a representative selection of them.

"Involve" is more frequently connected with actions or activities rather than with objects or people - so Labortest's services involve analyzing material samples in their laboratories, for example. The other expressions can all be used to translate "pozostáva z", but "made up of" is a phrasal verb, so it is the least formal expression. "Comprise" is tricky because it does not need a preposition (to, of or from). You can use it like "include", but then you should name all the things or people in the group.



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