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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 21.09.2009
Kategória: 38/2009

Reach or achieve? Both of these can be translations of "dosiahnuť", so once again we have the situation where it's necessary to THINK TWICE in Slovak before choosing the appropriate English translation of a Slovak word. If "dosiahnuť" means "strop" (ceiling), "cieľová stanica" (destination) or "druhý breh rieky" (the other bank of the river), then the idea is physical, and the English word is "reach".

You can also reach a target or limit, which may not be physical, but they can be visualized as marks on a scale or gauge which could be physical. But if "dosiahnuť" means "úspech" (success), "životný cieľ" (aim in life) or "vynikajúci výsledok" (outstanding result), then the idea is abstract, and the English word is "achieve". Another word is "attain", which is also on the abstract side, but linked with numbers as well, especially ages, like "she attained the grand old age of a hundred and two".



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