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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 02.10.2006
Kategória: 39/2006

Analyst. This is tricky from the pronunciation point of view, which is something I haven't looked at systematically for quite a while. Normally I say to people that if they just stress the right syllable in a longer English word, they'll pronounce the whole word correctly, but in this case the first vowel sound is important, because it must be a short /a/ in every case.

Then the stress becomes important, because "analyst" and "analyse" are stressed at the beginning, like this: /ANA-lyst/, /ANA-lájz/, whereas "analysis" is stressed in the middle, like this: /a-NALY-sis/. In fact this is an example of the typical change in the stress pattern as English words get longer with additional endings (suffixes), as they "pull" the stress towards the end of the word - listen to the difference between INdustry and inDUStrial, POtent and poTENtial, inFORM and inforMAtion, Edit and eDItion.



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