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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 13.11.2006
Kategória: 45/2006

Time expressions referring to the past can be tricky, because you need to know EITHER that they specify "when" something happened (started and finished) in the past, OR they indicate that "when" is not important, but that there are consequences, results or effects in the present time. These expressions in the extracts specify "when": On Monday of this week, on October 31st, Yesterday, Last year, a few days ago, in mid-2005, in October of this year (now we are in November), and these expressions require a verb in the Simple Past form (held, was completed, was transferred, was stimulated, organized, started, continued).

One expression in the first extract makes a clear connection between the past and present: Since 2005…, and it is followed by a verb in the Present Perfect (has been implementing). Other expressions are tricky: recently, In the last few days. If they are used with a verb which means a completed or finished action, then use the Simple Past.



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