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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 23.05.2005
Kategória: 21/2005

Cooperation - another example of a Latin word which has developed its own special sense in English. It is not just a straight translation of the Slovak "spolupráca", because the Slovak idea is people working together on an equal basis, whereas the English idea often involves difference in status (workers and bosses, pupils and teachers, public and police) and obedience - one group of people (A) do what the others (B) tell them to do, so (A) cooperate with (B).

Another word "collaboration" has also developed negative associations, because it can mean someone working with the authorities (e.g. the secret police) to gain some advantage at other people's expense (na úkor iných). There's no underhand (podvodný, ľstivý, pokútny) sense in cooperation, and when the outgoing President thanks the Company's employees for their cooperation, he is not thinking about their difference in status, but he appreciates having worked together with them. OVI wishes Mr. and Mrs. Navetta all the best for the future.



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