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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 24.04.2006
Kategória: 16/2006

A Slovak tricky word this time: Trieda, as in Trieda KVP. This cannot be translated as the usual "class", because that is a group of school pupils, or maybe a lesson (e.g. a metalwork class), or a social class, or a category of quality, but not a city street - unless it means a higher category of street, because the ones called "Trieda" are generally the main roads leading into or out of town, through particular neighborhoods or suburbs.

Then I thought "triediť" means "to classify", and therefore "to separate", and most "Triedy" in Košice are divided by a central reservation, with two lanes in either direction. Then somebody told me these wide streets were intended for armies to troop along, so I have translated it as "Drive" to make the connection with "jazdiť". The other possibility is "Avenue", originally meaning an approach road, but now more associated with lines of trees on either side, like Mojzesova (which leads to many original military barracks, of course). Readers' further explanations are welcome at Redakcia OVI.



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