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Tricky Words in today's OVI

Pridané: 14.05.2007
Kategória: 19/2007

Here's a tricky tense this week which does not get used very often. In grammatical terms it is called the future perfect tense, and it features in the Steel Shops dedusting piece: With this project USSK will have completed the series of works... The word "perfect" means "dokonalé", but also "dokonavé", so it means that something is completed or finished, and if we think of a date in the future when something will be finished, then we can use the future perfect to stress the idea of its completion.

This could be really useful if the verb is a process idea expressing an activity, but usually a future phrase such as "By the end of November...." indicates that the process must be completed before that date (remember "by" means "before" in this case), so this special tense is not always necessary - see the sentence before: "...the dedusting system ... will be fully modernized". That could also be "…will have been fully modernized", to stress that the modernizing process will then be complete (will then have been completed).



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