Tricky words in today´s OVI

Tricky words in today´s OVI

After years of trying to persuade people that "Predstavenstvo" is not a good translation of "Board of Directors" (and vice versa), at last I can now see a new Slovak expression being used, i.e. "Rada riaditeľov". This expression may well be unfamiliar to Slovak readers, and that is a good thing, because what it designates is also unfamiliar to people here. Slovakian corporate management structure is based on the German model of having TWO boards, one of top management and the other for control and supervision.

The two Slovak names, Predstavenstvo and Dozorná rada respectively, are linguistic calques from the German terms Vorstand and Aufsichtsrat. British and American companies have only ONE board, a combination of the two German/Slovak ones, comprising executive and non-executive directors, i.e. top managers and shareholders' representatives respectively. Remember too that the English word "manager" is a perfectly good translation of Slovak "riaditeľ", and that not all "riaditelia" are "directors"!

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