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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 31.05.2004
Kategória: 22/2004

My comments on "Living at Max Revs" from this time last year were so good that you should have another chance to read them! It's always tricky translating names of events, especially when they include a colloquial expression. "Žiť na plný plyn" could be understood as the description of an activity, or it could be an instruction to somebody. The idea of "plný plyn" is reflected in American English with the use of the word "gas" meaning car fuel ("petrol" is British English), for example: "Put your foot on the gas!", meaning "Drive faster!". It's also used in German, for example: "Vollgas geben".

I don't like the word "gas", so I've made up a phrase using Max as short for "maximum" and Revs as short for "revolutions", which is nothing political here, but just the number of times an internal combustion engine goes round every minute. If you "put your foot down" your car engine will turn faster and faster until the rev-counter needle goes into the red. That could be an exciting experience, but rather dangerous in real life, so it might be better just to listen to ZZ Top at full volume!



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