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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 27.11.2006
Kategória: 47/2006

Challenge. This is just the sort of word that is typical for having a slightly different meaning each time you find it used. This is mainly because its basic meaning "výzva" makes it suitable for use instead of other words which some people think are negative. For these people it is unacceptable to have a "problem", because to them that sounds like admitting to personal weakness or incompetence - or perhaps they are worried about being blamed for causing the problem in the first place. So instead of "problem" they say "issue" (like "pálčivá otázka") or "challenge", as if the problem is an opponent in a duel, and they're looking forward to the thrill of shooting it down. Even better is to call the problem an "opportunity", this time looking forward to the glory to be gained from successfully resolving it. Luckily, in today's extract the SteelUniversity Challenge is meant in the proper sense of "an invitation to join in a competition".



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