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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 07.06.2004
Kategória: 23/2004

Following on from April 28th when I looked at "manager", here are some other meanings of the verb "to manage". I've used this in the Strip Mill piece in the sense of "to achieve an unexpected or difficult result". This suggests that managing people - organizing their activities and motivating them to achieve the desired result for the company - is also a difficult activity in which success cannot always be expected, but in fact it's a different sense of the verb because it's a process view (managing is an activity), whereas to manage a result is a product view (the successful END of a difficult process).

"We managed to catch the plane" expresses the idea that we were delayed and we thought we were going to miss the plane, but we reached the airport just in time. While managing people means organizing their activities, "manage" DOESN'T mean to organize events like meetings, trips or holidays (it translates as "stihnúť", NOT "vybaviť") - for these things you say "organize" or "arrange".



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