Tricky words in today´s OVI

Tricky words in today´s OVI

Mall - It might be wishful thinking, calling it the Cassovia Mall, because it is only on one floor and not very spacious, it's not made of sheets of plate-glass, and it hasn't got any towering sculptures or an astronomical clock, but still there is a feeling of walking along an indoor, covered "street" of shops, cafés and fast-food outlets, and sometimes there's also street entertainment.

The original Mall is in London, the wide, straight avenue linking Trafalgar Square with Buckingham Palace, and there's another street nearby called Pall-Mall. Pall means "ball", and Mall is short for "mallet", which is a long-handled hammer, and these streets were originally places for playing an old game called "pall-mall", where the players had to whack a wooden ball with a mallet and try to send it through an iron hoop hanging up in the air half-way along the street. Now a mall is an out-of-town shopping-center, and some people say /móól/, but others say /mal/ (probably Londoners).

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