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Tricky Words in today's OVI

Pridané: 24.09.2007
Kategória: 38/2007

Cooperation, cooperate with and work with. This is an area of nuances, and it's possible that I'm just being oversensitive, but I think there is an issue here. I feel that to do something in cooperation with someone else is something positive, a more formal way of referring to a joint or combined effort by two people or organizations on an equal footing or basis. In contrast, the expression "to cooperate with someone" means (to my mind) NOT on an equal footing, but to comply with the other person, to do what they say, to obey them.

A typical teacher's question to a pupil is: "Are you going to cooperate with me?", or in other words: "Are you going to obey me?". So in that sense I wouldn't say that USSK "cooperates with" local schools or the Marathon Club, but the Company "works together (in cooperation) with them" in achieving their common goals.



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