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Pridané: 15.06.2015
Kategória: 12/2015

Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Trip and tour. A trip means you go somewhere, do something, and come back again, with the idea that you go straight there and come straight back. A tour suggests traveling around on a circular route, looking at things along the way, rather than having a specific destination where you need to do something. A round trip then is a combination of a trip and a tour: you go somewhere one way (jednou trasou), do something, and come back a different way (inou trasou), so the traveling is more interesting.
A trip is not just for fun - remember there are also business trips. If it's for fun or sightseeing, say 'an outing' or 'an excursion', or you could say 'a day trip'. In fact, 'day-trippers' are the typical tourists you might see at a popular beauty-spot, getting out of a coach and preparing their cameras, handy-cams and smart phones for taking snaps.

Andy's Wordshop

There are some more examples of reported (indirect) speech in the piece about Family Safety Day. It gives us readers who did not personally attend the event a brief summary of what the speakers said to the participants, so some of the words are exactly the ones they used, but the grammar is different, because it's reported speech. The main signal of reported speech is that the verbs are in the past form, even when the speaker was originally talking about the present or future.
For example: They emphasized […] that this open day was taking place in the year of the fifteenth anniversary... and: They reassured their audience that they would be doing everything to ensure... We can imagine the original words: "This open day is taking place..." and "We will be doing everything..." Some verbs, such as 'should', don't change: They pointed out that safe behavior should not start just on entering the works...



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