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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 01.12.2008
Kategória: 48/2008

Position, post, office, function. These words are practically synonymous in contexts where they indicate some higher level of job responsibility. Their trickiness stems from the slight differences in the way they are used. Office and function tend to be more representative, possibly elected (but there are elected positions too), and probably temporary. They focus attention on the way the person is expected to do the job, and they are more common in political or religious contexts.

Post and position suggest the level of importance of the job, the place the person has reached in the hierarchy of their organization, so they are more common in management contexts, especially in business, but also in education and the civil service (verejná a štátna správa). In practical usage the associated verbs are important: to hold or perform an office (to work in an office means "v kancelárii"); to perform or carry out a function (to hold a function means to organize a formal celebration); to hold, keep or work in a position or post.



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