Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Tricky Words in this week's OVI

There is surely a historical link between the Slovak expression "týka sa" and the English word "touch", but the English "touched" is better translated as "dojatý", like when someone gives you an unexpected gift. The English equivalents of "týka sa" can be ranked in terms of strength.

"Relates to" and "refers to" are not very strong, and are used in more official style. "Regards" and "applies to" are also quite formal, but indicate greater relevance for the specifically-named individual. "Involves" and "has to do with" are more informal, and also bring the two parts into closer relationship. The strongest expressions are "concerns" (because concern can be a synonym for worry) and "impacts on" (because this suggests a physical collision between the two parts, the subject and the object). With their choice of expression, English speakers indicate how seriously the other person should take the subject of discussion, for instance occupational safety.

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