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Pridané: 28.07.2014
Kategória: 15/2014

Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Sports and games. Both of these involve competition, two sides (teams or individuals) competing against each other and trying to win, to show who is better. They are substitutes either for fighting (human versus human) or for hunting (human vs. animal), and they are meant to provide entertainment for the participants, whether they are players or spectators. Sports are associated with movement in the open air, and especially with chasing something, usually a ball or a time. Games bring in the requirements of organized conditions, mainly formal rules and the place where the competition is held (track, field, pitch, court, course). So many games are also sports, and vice versa. Chess and computer games are just games.

Andy's Wordshop

Continuing with sports and games, sports combine competition (who's the winner) and movement (chasing something), usually in the open air, while games also involve organized conditions (rules and place), as well as competiton and movement. So soccer is a sport and a game, so is tennis, cycling is a sport (not a game), so is marathon running, and golf and darts are games (maybe some players call them sports as well, but I'm not sure). There are summer and winter sports (activities) and there are summer and winter games (events). In theory they could be combined (summer sports games), but to my mind the combination appears strange, so I prefer the more simple name "U. S. Steel Košice Summer Games".



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