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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 19.12.2005
Kategória: 51/2005

The word "tricky" can mean "difficult", but it can also mean "cunning" (ľstivý, lišiacky), rather like English native speakers who can enjoy two Christmases by living in Slovakia. First we can keep the local custom of celebrating on December 24th with a dinner of cabbage and mushroom soup, fish (carp) and potato salad, and poppy-seed (makové) cakes, and we can have some presents and then maybe go to midnight mass.

But this is rather early for us, because Dec. 24th is called Christmas Eve, not after the first woman, but because it is the "evening before", and what we're really waiting for is Santa Claus (Father Christmas) to come round in the night and leave us some more gifts under the Christmas tree, so that on Christmas Day (Dec. 25th) we can celebrate again and have another dinner at midday: roast turkey (moriak) with stuffing (plnka) and bacon, roast potatoes with parsnips or sprouts (ružičkový kel) and gravy (mäsová omáčka), and then Christmas pudding, not from Dr.Oetker, but like a black cake full of dried fruit, nuts and spices. Whatever you do, we at OVI wish you a most enjoyable Christmas and a very Happy New Year.



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