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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 15.05.2006
Kategória: 19/2006

Visit and attend. These words are not the usual two translations of one Slovak word, but they express the difference in meaning between the two aspects (slovesný vid) of one Slovak verb: navštíviť and navštevovať. If you visit a person, some people, or a place, a city or a country, you go there, talk to them, check the situation or the sites, and return home, so a visit is a one-off event. It should be understood like "ísť na návštevu".

If you attend a course or a school on the other hand, you go there regularly and repeatedly for an undefined period, because in this case there's no indication of the end of attending - it's not a one-off event. "Visiting schools" is the job of school inspectors and education ministers; "attending school, college or university" is the activity of pupils and students. The word "attend" is quite formal, however; the ordinary, everyday expression is "go to school" or "go to English lessons".



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